Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The Worst Hand Cream - The Body Shop

Two weeks ago, I decided to take the plunge in purchasing a hand cream which was worth the money. It has been stuck in my mind that one of the tell tale signs of ageing is your hands, and, although I am only 23, I am keen to prevent this as much as possible before it's too late!

I'm not usually one to be lured into The Body Shop, however from previous creams and lotions I'd tried in the past, I thought I'd hit the nail on the head. With my latest paranoia of premature ageing, which is ridiculous considering my actual age, I spotted the 'Wild Rose Hand Cream' which states it 'hydrates and helps protect against the appearance of brown spots' - perfect! Alongside this, the cream has an SPF of 15 and contains rosehip oil and Community Fair Trade Brazil nut oil which all sounds very exotic and nourishing to me...

In addition to all the ingredients which sound like they would do wonders for your skin, the packaging is another factor which drew me in. I'm a huge fan of the metal, dented tube. It is so simple, yet stylishly industrial at the same time. Oh, and, of course, the pink labelling which adds a hint of femininity.

Now onto the nitty-gritty. I have been using this product for around two weeks and I have to say, my hands have never felt so dry in my life. I know I may sound rather blunt with that review, but there is no other way for me to explain. My hands just feel insanely rough and dehydrated. Rather than the feeling of silk, my hands constantly feel like they need moisture, and although I know it is the cream which is making them this way, I have to use it to banish the thirst for all of 30 seconds. It's a swings and roundabouts situation.

Tomorrow, I will be returning the trusty Boots to purchase a simple, generic hand cream which, I'm sure, will be a lot cheaper. Who ever thought of a hand cream, to make your hands even more dry! Genius.

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  1. Have tried you 'Soap and Glory - Hand Food' ?? it's fantastic !

    Iovely blog :)