Saturday, 22 September 2012


Sometimes in life, you have to make a decision. Whether it be large or small, life changing or insignificant, decisions are inevitable.

One thing which I am currently working on is my ability to make choices. I have always been a person who enjoys taking a step back and letting my company decide what they would like. As an easy going person, I can go anywhere, eat anything, drink any wine and I will always have a good time. However, it seems that after quizzing my friends and family, my most 'frustrating' feature is my indecisiveness and the reoccurring phrase 'I don't mind'.

Now, I have taken the decision to work on this. Why should I always follow other people's lead? Let certain people dictate my life and how it pans out. It may take some work, and some self-reminding, however this is something which will be tackled. The words 'I don't mind' will not pass these lips and I will make sure of that.

Now, don't get me wrong, I will not be morphing into Cruella Deville any time soon. It has been made clear that one of my most liked and respected features is my 'niceness' and consideration for others. And, I think that is something which I would never be able to change - it's me! But, in hindsight, I do look back at times where I have been taken advantage of by people 'close' to me, and sometimes you have to take control of your own dignity and the way people treat you.

Making the decision, to make decisions. I could think of worse personality traits, and I can certainly think of people with them, so here's to confidence and strong minds!

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