Sunday, 2 September 2012

August Favourites

To conclude the month of August, I have rounded up a few of my favourite products/items to share with you.

Natural Collection Lipstick (Raspberry)
We all shy away from high street make up products, assuming the quality or finish will not compare to those high end brands. Of course, there are many out there that are not even worth the £3.00 spent, but I have to say, I couldn't be more impressed with Natural Collection lipsticks. I have two shades of lipstick from this brand, 'Cherry Red' and 'Raspberry'. The lasting power is second to none, I have gone for dinner and they are still in place and vibrant, I have worn them to work and only topped up once throughout the day, I have gone out for cocktails and not had to reapply (the list goes on...). For £1.99, you cannot fault this product, and I would actually pay a lot more. In fact, I have been more impressed with these lip products than any of my MAC items.
The shade which I haven't been able to part from this month is 'Raspberry'. This is a beautiful, deep pink with a hint of plum. I find this is wearable for any occasion, whether night or day, and it really does add warmth and colour to my face. In addition, this colour is great for summer, but it will also be beautiful for the Autumn and Winter months.

Neutrogena - Visibly Clear Oil Free Moisturiser
As someone who has an oily complexion, I have always avoided moisturising my skin on a daily basis. However I am well aware that moisturising is a key step to any successful skincare routine, especially if you want to combat premature ageing. So, I decided to try out Neutrogena, a brand that have been around since I can remember. I have heard great things about their masks and scrubs, so when I saw the oil-free moisturiser on offer in Superdrug, I saw it as a sign! I have been using the moisturiser on a daily basis after my toner before bed, and I can already see my skin looks more even and refreshed. Another high street purchase which is a must have.

Peplum Tops
When peplum tops decided to make their way onto the high street, I was truly ecstatic. Peplum is the perfect cut for someone like myself, larger hips and a minuscule waist. Finally, I have found a style which is comfortable, flattering and shows off my best bits!

Liz Earle - Cleanse and Polish
So, as an avid blog and YouTube lover, I cannot seem to escape from the name 'Liz Earle'. Of course, when this is the case, you feel that you must find out what the fuss is all about. During this month, I have been testing this product, and yes, I am a convert. Saying this, there is one slight point which does bug me (due to my laziness) and that is how time consuming it is. I do enjoy the process when I am having an early night, but when I have been out for the evening and am ready to drop as soon as I walk in the door, it does seem like the last thing I want to be faffing around with. Putting that one point aside, I don't think I will find a cleanser which makes me feel as clean and silky as Liz Earle, which means I officially have a new staple in my skincare routine. August has certainly been a positive month for my skin!

I have never been a trainer wearing female. Once I left school, I could have thrown a party for the fact I do not have to be seen in sports wear again, but oh how times have changed. I now find myself drooling over... CONVERSE! So, when you see the heading 'trainers' into my monthly favourites, don't be fooled. I am not referring to running shoes, oh no. I am referring to the ever-so cool and funky converse trainer. So, when roaming around the shops, I found a very simple and cheap pair of converse style shoes for only £5.00. I am usually one to go for the 'real thing' however I have always been dubious to buy the real thing in case I never wear them. So, what could be a better idea than to buy the cheap pair, see how much use I get out of them, and then invest? Done! These shoes have been permanently attached to my feet, which means when pay day comes around, I shall be investing in the real deal.

Lets all keep our fingers crossed for a bright and sunny September!

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