Thursday, 19 July 2012

It's what's on the Inside...

Today I write about beauty. Not physical, but true beauty.

Although I am a self diagnosed beauty addict, obsessed with products, magazines and all things 'pretty', I also believe that there is no such thing as perfection. Having developed a skin condition, Vitiligo, at a young age, I found it hard to feel comfortable and happy with myself for a long time. Now, I couldn't be happier or more content. Not becuase I am vain, but because I have learned to love the things that make me different.

Insecurities can cover many things, for both men and women, whether this be weight, height, body hair or acne, and we will all have insecurites that stay with us for the duration of our lives. What to you may be a huge, obvious imperfection, may to others be unnoticeable, or even beautiful. My skin condition isn't something 'on show', however during my teenage years, made me feel ugly, abnormal and singular. However, through time, and great family and friends, I have learned to become confident about my uniqueness. 

We are all guilty of judging people at the first glance, whether that be in a good, or bad, way. However, I think there becomes a time in everyone's life where you become aware of the important things in life. Anyone can make themselves look beautiful, however it takes a lot for one to become a kind, loving person.

Rather than using make up items to cover up any 'imperfections' or draw attention away from a certain areas, it should be used to complient and enhance your features - something which I have learned over many years. Of course, products are there to be used for the 'feel good' factor, and for times of endulgance, however you should always remember that even if you are the definition of perfect on the outside, your personality is the key.

If you look around, and feel overwhelmed by the fantastic family and friends you have, this is because they love who you are as a person. Not because you look perfect. So, always remember, they will be the people supporting you for the rest of your life. You will also (or may have already) meet that certain someone who decides they would like to share the rest of their life with you - and that is becuase they think you are beautiful, inside and out. Your imperfections will be perfect to them.

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