Saturday, 14 July 2012

Chanel Vitalumiére Aqua - Review

As a true foundation struggler, I have tried endless brands, from high street to high end, however I have always felt as though I haven't found 'the one'. As pessimistic as that may sound, it has encouraged me to continue my search...

I will begin by updating you on my skin type - oily - which is certainly something that does make me self-conscious throughout the day. Constantly checking my face, armed with pressed powder and shine control sheets is a routine which I have become accustomed to. The difficulty with oily skin and myself is that I am a huge fan of the healthy, dewy complexion, however my paranoia of looking greasy means that look hasn't been possible. Until now!

After deciding that my only hope for a 'good' foundation is by going down the high end street, I was magically lead to the Chanel counter by my gut instinct. When chatting with the lady at the counter, who was brilliant, I explained that I am looking for a lightweight foundation, which will work on my oily skin type, yet still give me a flawless image. Instantly, she showed me Chanel Vitalumiére Aqua (Beige 20) which she then applied on my skin. I was sold!

The foundation itself is water based, meaning you do need to give the bottle a GOOD shake before application - this is essential. The consistency is very thin and a little goes a long way. When touching the skin, the liquid feels like silk, so luxurious and almost refreshing! With a light rose scent, the smell is not over-baring and actually rather pleasant. Described as 'ultra light', the coverage is fantastic yet not matte and cakey in the slightest. Obviously areas of extreme redness, such as spots, will need to be corrected with concealer, however the finished look is just beautiful. 

I have tried application with both my fingers and a stippling brush, both working fantastically, but I have to admit, I do think the better finished result is using fingers. I also add, the foundation does have an SPF of 15, which as great as SPF is to have, it initially worried me with regards to photography, however this hasn't seemed to be a problem at all.

I have been using this product for approximately two months now, so a fair amount of time for any flaws to be highlighted - which have not. I must say, I have researched other reviews which have mentions of breakouts. This has certainly not been a problem for me, however, as with all foundations, it may be worth sampling a tester before purchasing if this is a re-occurring problem for you. 

This is a product which I cannot rave about enough. Although on the pricier side (£32.00), Chanel Vitalumiére Aqua is completely worth the money - especially for people who struggle with finding 'the one'.


  1. lovely post :) good first one! carry on and your blog will take off:) x